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International business is more complex than ever before.
Success in every sector is now seen in global terms.

Growth and success in today's global economy depend on being able to trade internationally. However, although the larger multinationals of the world have no trouble doing so, smaller companies, such as exporters, have struggled to make an impact and benefit from the new world order. This is because Cross Cultural solutions are not being used to address cross cultural obstacles to their success. The role of culture in international business is now recognized as having a major impact on international sales, marketing, recruitment, management and mergers.

Cultural awareness or cultural intelligence is increasingly being viewed as a critical skill in securing success on the international stage. With more people from culturally diverse backgrounds meeting within the business environment, clear and effective communication is necessary between them. Although in many cases a common language may exist, usually English, culture can and does still cause problems.

For businesses wishing to genuinely capitalize on internationalization, a well thought out strategy that includes a cross cultural element must be drawn up and implemented. Competition is great and one of the easiest yet most effective ways of getting ahead of the rest is to use language and cultural knowledge to your advantage.

If you have a product/service that you feel can sell well outside the US, our firm can help you build your brand internationally. RGB services include research and analysis, developing strategic marketing objectives and implementation plans, and providing strategic counsel to management. Our capabilities include marketing strategy, public and media relations, promotions, event sponsorship, developing community relations that build brand awareness and equity, consumer behavior, advertising and other creatives.

Marketing strategy requires both an understanding of in-culture nuances and lifestyle of the groups of people that a business is trying to reach. Our team has years of experience and has developed a network of qualified international associates. For all clients, marketing strategy is considered a customized assessment based on their actual business, industry and market profiles. We do not work from “templates” because we believe that each client is unique.

Please contact us to discuss your specific needs, as we are always happy to customize our services.


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